Why you should write a failure resume

Tell me about a time you failed!

How ironic is that we all are the outcome of our challenges, difficult experiences, and hardships yet what we show to the outside world is that we are the perfect beings with a perfect life. Look at anyone’s LinkedIn or Instagram or any other social profile all you see is how awesome everyone and their life is. My worry is not just the social profiles because that hardly matters but do we acknowledge ourselves that we are a sum total of all the goods and the bads.

First, everyone writes on LinkedIn that I’m a good project manager or a People’s manager but let me tell you both of these are acquired skills one just isn’t born with it. You experiment, you fail and you learn and that has happened with me too.. I always thought before becoming a people manager that I’m a peoples person and it will be a cakewalk for me but I was absolutely wrong because I failed miserably for a couple of years and then I started picking up momentum as a manager when I realized one template doesn’t fit all and most importantly I understood a very important point that what is a priority for me might not be a priority for someone else. Everyone you deal with is a unique person.

Second, for those who don’t know I’m a published author, and my book ‘Blue Crayons – tales from life and beyond’ came out 4 years back but I have literally struggled selling my book, to be absolutely honest I haven’t even recovered half of the cost incurred in co-publishing this book. I felt good about my stories and one day I thought that everyone else who exists will also like my stories and my book will sell like the hotcakes but I was just very delusional. First of all, I think I failed because I made minimal effort in promoting or selling my book. I learnt it a hard way that you have to sell your product shamelessly if you’re confident of it and secondly, do not wait for the outside world’s validation and support to create your own game plan because everyone out there is insecure and has guards on if you’re banking on others to support and sell on your behalf then you’re up for a failure. Own your art, your product, and your plan. 

Third, I feel for the longest time I have seen things and people through the lens of my belief system and then accept and reject basis the yardstick only and to top it up I have fooled myself by calling this belief system my sixth sense or intuition but in fact what was happening with me was that I was just able to see and acknowledge very limited because I kept demonizing the traits and instincts which fell outside my belief system. a Belief system which is essential while you’re learning and experiencing new things in the early years of life because they provide a structure to our thoughts and how we function and help us stay on the trajectory. But with time we need to outlearn everything and everyone otherwise the limited information we have becomes our virtual boundary and creates the walls of ego to prevent us from seeking truth. While I’m not saying to discredit everything and be rude but I am suggesting that always have a knack to learn more, question the old patterns, and surrender to the abundance of possibilities. Allow the light to reach you.  

I always say that unless we acknowledge a problem there is no way it can be corrected. We are always the first ones to demonize others and also always give ourselves the benefit of the doubt.  Be proud of your failures and normalize accepting them because we learn the most when we are down because when we are going up we are just busy celebrating.


  • Sheila
    Posted April 17, 2022 11:33 pm 0Likes

    Perfect lines. I am a failure too and learnt and still learning by each failure 👍

  • Naveen kapoor
    Posted April 18, 2022 4:25 am 0Likes

    Absolutely agree. I too failed and still failing in handling relationships. I am still learning that art. 😊

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