Those Farthest Mountains

See those white snow clad mountains at the back? Rarely visible isn’t it. Ever wondered when you look at the mountain ranges what gives you the most satisfaction is the farthest mountains your eyes could see or when at the beach for me it was more than 20 years back but I still remember that looking farthest in the sea used to give me a high I still can’t explain in words but in both the cases of mountains and sea looking farthest has given me Goosebumps. And I still don’t know why I used to feel that way but what I can relate this to is ‘hope’. Looking farthest at these places probably infused hope in me which I couldn’t find visibly present in the vicinity so my mind always relate it to a far-fetched dream, goal, a state of mind, an experience or a pleasant but a distant thought which is not very clear to my conscious mind.

This phenomenon is even true in the case of a personal connect. Sometimes you meet someone who looks exactly like that far-fetched dream and you feel attracted to them not because of a physical intimacy, their status or a  qualification and not even their intelligence but being with them or even the thought of being with them gives you the same feeling which you draw looking at those farthest mountains. I am lucky to have a few people in my life who look like those distant but very calming thoughts.

Also, sometimes life goes on from one plateau to another, from one tangent to another in search of that hope that peace but you don’t find it. You’ll meet people who are not exactly what you thought, you will have a job not exactly how you wanted it to be, your best of the friends will leave you when you thought you have them for life and your family might as well have disconnects with you. Wherever you stand, do look up and look for that farthest mountain which still gives you hope.

Since very young age I have been experiencing these thoughts which are very blurry to be decoded but all I know is I feel happy in them. I have always had this feeling that something very beautiful is waiting to happen and many a times in the pursuit of achieving it I have tried many things and put efforts in many different perspectives. Some actions brought me closer to it and some left me disappointed but that’s what the catch is. If you always exactly know and get it then your happiness will be very momentary. I am really happy I could never decode those thoughts because not exactly knowing keeps my imagination alive and the imagination instills hope. Now imagine climbing to the top of a mountain from where you could see nothing ahead, are you happy in that moment?

Reaching somewhere is an illusion because irrespective of how good, bad or ugly the place looks is just a halt in your journey of life before you take the next leap. Stop bothering about the halts and enjoy the beauty of the journey. Always keep looking for your farthest mountains.