A Kid, that was me..

We let life completely control us. When I say life it really means everything around such as my family, friends, relationships, job, government, these days social media as well and so on.. Things keep coming popping up from here and there in one or the other spheres of life and we just keep dealing with it. Dealing is not a problem though but how we deal it is a problem. Each day we bury a thought, a wish, a good practice, an aspiration or something else which has always mattered to us to take care of the problem in hand. The problem in hand always remain just the face changes.

Ever noticed? Amidst all this madness of life, in the whole game of controlling and getting controlled what are we losing the most. We are losing US. We are losing the whole idea of us, who we are, what we want, what we wish, what we dream. As a child every one of us must have had a much clear idea of self than we have now. Each passing day we are losing ourselves more in the chaos and trust me this chaos will never end or get even better but be assured for worse.

Not at all doubting the intention.. The intention can be as pure and sacred and probably was the need of the hour. Maybe you took the best possible route you had in that moment of crisis to save yourself or a loved one. You’re doing your best to save the world but are you able to save yourself from drowning in these rising waters. Are we just keeping ourselves afloat or are we sailing. Am I a ship taking the journey or just a log of wood keeping afloat and waiting for the waves to shed me on any island it crashes on.

The question is, now when I have realized this can I just let this keep happening to me or I claim myself back. We can always play a victim and let life, situations and people run over us or we take back control of the self. This will not happen overnight, we have lost this gradually as we let life happen accidentally on its own and similarly gaining it back will also take some serious investment of intent, discipline and self regulation.

And if we’re thinking is it worth taking ourselves out of the protective layers and the comfort zones then we all know the answer but if we are not sure about how to get started then let’s just promise 5 things to self. Five things that you want to do for yourself, trust me you are worthy of it. Don’t feel guilty.. you have earned it.

If at the end of the day I’m able to make a kid, that was me, happy about life again it will definitely be worth the efforts.