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As Vikrant says one should have the board of directors in their life, ofcourse a different person for a different situation. Someone who is available and most importantly not judgemental when you discuss things with them. I found one of my ‘Board of Director’ in my ex super boss, he has been a coach, a mentor & a ‘Go to’ person for me and also someone who understands human psychology from a very practical but a perspective which is equally balanced by science and spirituality. Presenting you first part of the two part conversation where we discuss:

#GriefTrauma – What should be our responsibility when tragedy or loss comes our way

What is #Contagioneffect – is it real?

What are some of the Softer assets that we need to acquire – A good #Pysch, A good #coach, #Reading, Wisdom of the old world – #ayahuasca #magicmushrooms

In the next episode the conversation will be even more intense and deep, keep listening to us.

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