About Me

Rahul Rawal is an author, a podcaster & a storyteller. He debuted as an author with his book ‘Blue Crayons – Tales from life and beyond’ in 2018. He also runs a podcast named ‘Coffee Table Stories’ which is well received and is hosted on all famous platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Google, Apple, etc. He has also done some open mic storytelling sessions with some of the famous forums at United Nations Office, Accessible travel forums to name a few. Rahul is born and brought up in Delhi, India but he aspires to travel around the world with his wheelchair. He actively voices the concerns around accessible travel and other accessibility issues faced by the wheelchair users in the country.


His soul’s desire for travel but the challenges of inaccessibility on a wheelchair has somewhere ignited the urge to explore his imagination of places and people through his stories. He believes everyone around us carry a story. Though we keep looking for validation in famous personalities from film, sports, etc., a lot of time inspired by someone in the position of power and fame but if we look around everyone is a hero – a protagonist of their own life and that has formed the very basis of his stories be it in his book or podcasts.

Rahul is a day dreamer and a night owl who loves spending his free time weaving stories. He loves to be in the company of a nice coffee and his favorite books when he is not writing. He is a sucker for a great conversation the ones which go deep beyond the surface. He dreams of settling in the hills where he runs a coffee shop which serve great coffee, best books and the magnificent view of the hills. Feel free to drop a ‘Hello’ at rahulrwl@gmail.com.