Closure.. We seek

Closure.. very simple yet very powerful word and it becomes more important as you start growing up in life because as a kid everything is either black or white but as you grow up a lot of grey paint your canvas.

This story revolves around two such individuals who are looking for a closure in their own respective lives and for the different perspectives altogether.

Part 1 –

Abhay is smart and progressive yet not convinced. His debut book had just hit the shelves of the bookstores and is selling like the fresh baked cakes on a Christmas Eve yet he’s not happy. Becoming a published author was always his dream, this first book of his was in the making for years and finally it was out. He was a passionate guy, social, a charmer, a day dreamer and a charismatic soul but he was losing all of this gradually each passing day.

When his book was under the process of publishing he had so many ideas and plans for the marketing and launch. He was so excited and he talked to so many agencies and event organizers for the big launch. After all, it was his debut book and these stories he had written over so many years and finally had put all the pieces together into a book.

As the days progressed his excitement started taking a backseat and other trivial thoughts started driving him. He started ignoring friends, marketers’, even his publisher was finding it tough to get hold of him. He even fought with the designer who was working on his book cover but thankfully it was sorted out later and the book got published. Yes, his book was out but it was a no noise launch. He did nothing that he planned earlier… the event, book signing, etc.

Everyone around him was worried as they haven’t seen him this way ever before. He had become rude, insensitive and most of the times he ignored people around him. Though his book was selling well but mostly through the word of mouth. He himself wasn’t putting any effort in promoting his book. His inbox was full of fan mails, interview requests, event invites but he ignored all. He was just in his own zone where no one else was allowed.

That day he decided to step out of his room, rushed to his car but before his Mom could even ask him anything, engine of his car heard roaring. He went to the same coffee house at outer circle in C.P. where they first met. Luckily he found the same table as well and occupied it before anyone else could think. All he wanted was to hear for once the reason she chose someone else over him. Not that would make any difference to their relationship now or it can be mended but all he was seeking was a closure, a reason to call it quit. His relationship of 5 years was playing like a movie in his thoughts as he was analysing each stage carefully to find his faults or the clues for what it had gone so wrong. And then somebody put a book on the table and that brought him back to consciousness. She asked “Hi, can I sit here?”

Part 2 –

Rhea was a wonderful personality, she was a perfect daughter, a perfect student, a dependable friend, charming, full of energy and always positive.  She was someone who was always available for the people she loved. You call her at 2 a.m. to discuss a problem and she wouldn’t even yawn, the next moment you would find her sitting beside you. Yes, that’s the energy she carried. She was fondly called the ‘Wonder Girl’ by her clan.

She never let her disability became her weakness instead she converted that to her strength. You would never find her distressed. She would take any challenge and any task with full conviction and made sure she succeed. Be it her academics, extracurricular or living life otherwise. Even if there’s a challenge she would face it with a strong head always and there was no other option available with her either. The society she was part of would judge her by her crutches at the first look than anything else and that’s a harsh truth.

She wasn’t crippled by birth. She was a normal at birth but there was a small lump on her back which doctors said can be infectious and the only alternative to get rid of it was the surgery. While she was on the surgery table something went wrong and the doctor accidentally damaged a few nerves on her spine. The lump was removed however the damage on the nerves was irreversible and that affected her legs.

One day, while driving to work an old man came in front of her car. Though she applied the brakes well on time and the car didn’t hit him but the old man fell trying to balance himself. She grabbed her crutches and rushed out of the car. Rhea apologized to the old man and he apologized as well because he did not see the signals turning green and was walking slowly to cross the road, blame his old age. She asked him where he was going and offered to drop him to his destination. Old man denied initially but agreed later as he found out Rhea’s Dad was head of the department at the same hospital he was heading to.

As they reached the hospital Rhea insisted the old man to meet his Dad once. To her surprise the man and her father knew each other and in fact they knew each other quite well. She noticed old man was feeling very uncomfortable knowing who her father was and was looking reasonably upset. Anyway, she was getting late for work and she said bye to both and stepped out of the room. Since she walk with crutches her walk was a little slow. She didn’t took many steps before he heard his father and the old man talking, “Is she the one Dr. Khanna?” old man asked. “Yes, Dr. Farooqui she’s the one. Look how pretty and intelligent she has grown. I’m so proud of her.” her father replied. “I am so sorry for that day. I wish I could bring back that time and correct my mistake…” old man said and started crying.

Rhea was listening to their conversation but she was frozen in that moment. She realized that man is the same doctor who operated upon her when she was born. For a moment she felt shattered and pained but the next moment she felt a sense of relief and she felt lighter. She had finally forgiven the doctor whose story she was listening to, throughout her childhood. That devilish image of him had evaporated in that very moment. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she walked out of the corridor but she felt lighter. As she started the ignition of her car engine she decided to ditch office for the day. She stopped at the café, picked the book from the dashboard and headed out of the car.

Closure –

“Can I sit here?” she asked putting down her book at the table. Abhay looked around, there wasn’t any vacant table he could direct her to. “Sure.” he replied half hearted. His eyes fell on the book she was reading, it was his book. Yes, the book he had written. For the first time in so many months after the book release he felt good. He asked the girl “How’d you find this book? Worth reading?” “It is nice, lot of stories some relatable some not but yes definitely a good read in a long time. Though I have a few questions for the author but yes, you can give it a try.” Rhea replied. Abhay looked amused at her reply and for him fun part was that the girl didn’t know he was the author of the book. So he was getting the unbiased first hand reactions. The conversation started between the two and a couple of hours later he revealed his identity to her. Later that night he received a text message from the same girl he met at the coffee shop ‘Good night :)’

Sometimes a closure is not black or white or an answer we are seeking. Sometimes it comes in a totally unexpected form but it only works when we accept it, embrace it and move on.